Study: the price of plane tickets soars from France for Christmas

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The rise in the price of plane tickets from France at the end of the year is confirmed by a study by Liligo, focusing in particular on destinations medium-haul.

According to a study by the flight comparator on the most popular destinations for a trip from December 23, 2023 to December 30, 2023 (for the Christmas holidays) from France, the increase in the price of plane tickets is will confirm. Regarding short and medium-haul flights, you have to spend almost twice as much (+94%) to get to Lisbon (273 euros round trip), compared to the prices charged last May (+ 32% compared to the August period). Among some other short and medium-haul destinations, and compared to May and August 2023 respectively, Rome (233 euros) recorded 66% and 18% increase, Istanbul (418 euros) + 64% and + 28%, London (194 euros) + 49% and + 13%, Barcelona (173 euros) + 13% and + 22%… Only the destination of Marrakech (281 euros) stands out with -17% and -14%. Towards New York (695 euros) the increase is + 17% and + 8%, Montreal (580 euros) down 17% and 14%), Bangkok (1236 euros) by 8% compared to May 2023. Saint-Denis de la Réunion (1298 euros return) increased by + 8% compared to May.

According to Liligo data, travelers book earlier to guarantee high prices and likewise, the time between research and purchase of the ticket is shortened by half (currently around twenty days). Which does not prevent the French from still wanting to travel as much, in the post-Covid period. “It’s very paradoxical”underlines Guillaume Rostand, spokesperson for Liligo in Le Parisien, “but travelers today know that they have to plan in advance. There is therefore very strong demand three months before, which mechanically raises prices at the moment. Before a very relative decrease, the coming weeks. »

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