Study: customer experience is becoming an increasingly decisive criterion, according to SITA

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SITAglobal supplier of information technology for the industry air Transporthas just published the 2023 edition of its annual report “Passenger IT Insights“.

This is one of SITA’s historic studies to identify changes in the uses and expectations of air transport passengers in terms of new technologies such as mobile telephony or biometrics to optimize their journey.

THE trends of this year indicate that a change is at work with a passenger experience which now takes precedence over the purchase price of a plane ticket for travelers. They are increasingly interested in technological optimizations to facilitate and simplify their journey.

The main information from the new report :
-When booking a flight, the airport experience is an increasingly important consideration for passengers, beyond the cost and availability of destinations, as post-pandemic concerns about delays and cancellations took a toll on the travel experience. In this context, travelers are turning to technology to optimize all aspects of post-pandemic travel.
-This year’s report shows that passengers are adopting mobile and biometric technologies to make their entire journey easier, and are interested in using new technologies to streamline intermodal travel.
-Innovative approaches to concretely reducing emissions are also at the forefront of passengers’ minds, who are increasingly interested in new technologies intended to drive sustainability for both airports and airlines.

The report “Passenger IT Insights” (in English) is available on the SITA website.

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