Strikes on Sevastopol: confirmation by satellite images

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Satellite images help confirm the impact of the missiles on the two Russian ships while they were undergoing maintenance at the Sevastopol naval base. The impacts confirm the damage but also demonstrate the precision of the attack. The Russian Black Sea Fleet thus suffered two losses, including a costly submarine and a defeat within its main base on the Black Sea.

First OSINT images…

From September 12 to 13, the two dry docks of the Sevastopol naval base were attacked by missiles. Very little footage exists of the area after the attack, aside from a partial image from the Minsk (Ropucha-class) landing ship. This image already confirms the significant damage suffered by the ship: part of the rear superstructure is missing (yellow) and the mast is tilted (red), suggesting damage to the superstructure as a whole. No images of the conventionally powered attack submarine Rostov-on-Don (improved Kilo class) existed until now.

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