Strikes: Air Antilles, Air Guyane, Italy and Ryanair yes, Air Tahiti Nui no

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Operations will be disrupted by strikes by Sunday at the airlines Air Antilles And Air Guyana (pilots), the Ryanair low cost in Belgium (also pilots) or in Italy including at ITA Airways (porters). Air Tahiti Nui however announced an agreement with its cabin crew.

Thousands of air transport users will see all the colors during the next three days: in the Caribbean first, where the strike notice of the pilots’ union SNPL from July 14 to 19, 2023 at the CAIRE group (Air Antilles And Air Guyana) is causing disruptions to the latter from this Friday at the airport of Cayenne-Felix Eboue, she announced yesterday. Customers are invited to postpone their trip, the service of flights scheduled for July 14 and 15 to be “disrupted, or even reduced to a minimum service”.

In Italywhere baggage handlers’ unions called for a strike on Saturday July 15, ITA Airways in particular announced the preventive cancellation of 113 domestic and international flights, including to and from Paris, Brussels, Tunis or Algiers (the full list of cancellations is available here). Other carriers are also affected.

In Belgium, the Ryanair low cost will also be affected by a pilots’ strike in Charleroi on 15 and 16 July. It states in a press release that it is able to ensure more than 60% of its program in Belgium, but was “unfortunately forced to cancel a small number of flights to/from Charleroi due to a strike by a small number of pilots” based in the country. “All affected customers have been notified and informed of their options to transfer their flights to Thursday/Friday or Monday/Tuesday, or receive a full refund should they wish to cancel their travel plans.” According to Ryanair, 98% of its pan-European traffic will escape the consequences of this social movement.

The good news on the social front came from Pape’ete : after 9 days of disruption, the air hostesses and stewards ofAir Tahiti Nui lifted their strike notice on Wednesday evening and returned to work, having obtained a salary increase of nearly 400 euros. With the airline the prospect of “processing” the up to 2,000 passengers affected by flight cancellations, which should take at least 48 hours – and probably a new charter with Aircalin…

Strikes: Air Antilles, Air Guyane, Italy and Ryanair yes, Air Tahiti Nui no 1 Airlines and Destinations

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