Strasbourg airport will close for a month!

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It is rare to see an airport closed for such a long time. Necessary work will be done. They will consist in particular in renovating the entire wearing course of the track as well as that of the beginnings of the access ramps, the installation of new, more energy-efficient LED beaconing. The runway will be completely closed to air traffic from Tuesday March 14 to Friday April 14.

During the renovation work on the track, which will take place over several weeks between the February 27 and May 21

Three main criteria led us to choose this period of complete closure:

  • the relatively low level of traffic at this time of year at the junction between the winter and summer aeronautical seasons
  • a period before the spring school holidays in Strasbourg in order to penalize our customers, companies and travelers as much as possible;
  • the a priori milder weather at the end of winter in order to reduce the risk of the work being extended due to bad weather.

Strasbourg Airport will take advantage of this period of traffic interruption to carry out, at the same time in the terminal, work to bring the hold baggage control systems up to standard and to reorganize check-in area A and the filter inspection.

Many airlines choose Basel-Mulhouse during the closure and others cancel their flights!

Air Arabia : Flights to Fez and Nador moved from Basel – Mulhouse

Air France : Flights to Lyon: suspension of flights

Amelia : Flights to Amsterdam: suspension of flights

Iberia : Flights to Madrid: suspension of flights

Newair : Flights to Tunis and to Djerba moved from Basel – Mulhouse

Royal Air Morocco : Flights to Casablanca: suspension of flights

Ryanair : Flights to Porto: suspension of flights

Tassili Airlines : Flights to Algiers and to Constantine: moved from Basel – Mulhouse

Tunisair : Flights to Tunis: suspension of flights

Turkish Airlines : Flights to Istanbul offered from Basel – Mulhouse

Volotea : Flights to Barcelona, ​​Bordeaux, Marseille, Montpellier, Nantes, Nice, Rome and Toulouse: suspension of flights

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