Storm Shadow/SCALP-EG: attack on a Russian Navy communications center

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A first of a missile and a second video of a fire appear to confirm that Crimea is once again under attack from Ukrainian missiles. The target appeared to be a Russian Navy communications center.

A missile at very low altitude

This September 20, a video (below) published on social networks appears to show that a cruise missile was flying over Crimea. If the image looks like a Storm Shadow/SCALP-EG air-to-ground missile, you may hear the person filming the scene say: “Storm Shadow“. This is the first video confirming the use of this missile in Crimea.

This territory is extremely sensitive in this war because since its annexation in 2014, Russia considers it its territory. However, weapons delivered by countries supporting Ukraine can only be used to liberate Ukrainian territory and not in Russia. However, Crimea is in no way recognized by France and the United Kingdom as Russian territory. The video thus makes it possible to definitively confirm that the French and English rules of engagement, concerning the Storm Shadow and SCALP-EG given to the Ukrainians, therefore authorize the use of these missiles on Crimea.

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