Sports: Visit California sponsors American Night at Bercy

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Three days after the NBA game held in Paris between the Detroit Pistons and the Chicago Bulls, the Betting Basketball organized its “American Night” to perpetuate the US spirit during its match against ASVELthe villeurbannais club chaired by Tony Parker. Visit California was sponsor of the evening, which brought together nearly 11,000 supporters at the Accor Arena Bercy, and surrounded itself with French tourism professionals to celebrate a common passion for basketball.

California is truly a dream location for sports: beach volleyball on the coast, skiing and snowboarding in the mountains, rock climbing in the great outdoors, and more. It is also a destination of choice for sports spectators: 5 Major League Baseball teams play in California, 3 football teams play in the NFL, 4 teams in the NBA, 3 hockey teams in the NHL and 3 football clubs in Major League Soccer.

Basketball in California

But beyond its clubs, sports practice is also part of a real lifestyle on a daily basis: surfing, rollerblading, skateboarding, cycling, kayaking, hiking, fitness, yoga, sport is an integral part of the ” Californian way of life and constitutes an excellent way to visit, or even better, to experience the destination in an authentic way. In general, sport, and basketball in particular, is therefore one of the essential experiences of a trip to California.

However, basketball was celebrated last week in Paris: after a highly anticipated NBA match between Chicago and Detroit, the weekend ended with the “American Night” organized by the Parisian club Paris Basketball. Parade of American jerseys, dizzying dance and cheerleading numbers, demonstrations of skill on the field, all the elements of the atmosphere across the Atlantic came together to make this sporting event a success. The fans were also there with nearly 11,000 people in the stands who came to give their voices to support their team.

Sponsor of the evening and emblematic place of US basketball with its clubs like the Lakers, the Clippers or the Warriors, California wanted to mark the occasion by inviting partners and media to share this moment of American celebration. Tour operators and journalists were able to take advantage of the boxes and courtside seats to attend the meeting.

The Californian colors were also displayed on the various screens of the Accor Arena throughout the match, sharing its breathtaking landscapes with the spectators. Skateboard events and Californian hoodies were also on the menu for the “kids race”, organized during one of the time-outs to win a special prize made in Golden State.

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