Spain-Portugal: the Paradores are at their 100th establishment!

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Paradores de Turismo has 98 registered hotels in Spain and partly in Portugal. In 2023 they will add two new ones to their list and number 100 will be located in the city of Guadalajara.

The Paradores are located in magnificent locations

Paradores are establishments located in places of cultural interest, with facilities that conform to the art, style or traditions typical of the region in which they are located. Normally, these establishments are usually historic castles or palaces.

Parador number 99 will take place at Casa Atarfe (Aranjuez)

also known as Casa de Infantes, and is a civil building in the Spanish town of Aranjuez, in the Community of Madrid. It has the status of property of cultural interest.

Ihe parador number 100 will be in Guadalajara, in the town of Molina de Aragon

It is expected that throughout 2023 it will be able to receive its first customers and will have a total of 22 rooms spread over three floors.

The building that will house this new Parador de Turismo offers a privileged panoramic view of the Molina de Aragon castle, also known as Molina de los Caballeros Fortress.

Accommodation, but also catering

The network of the Paradores de Turismo de España not only offers accommodation in dream locations, but also seeks to offer exclusive experiences. be able to offer a gastronomy linked to the land where the parador is located is essential.

For this, they have combined traditional cuisine with an author’s kitchen to establish a link between the past and our times. And you can see the effort made to offer an exquisite menu with high quality dishes and menus.

At Zamora Parador , for example, you can taste octopus a la sanabresa or rebojo de Zamora. Likewise, in the large Parador de Arcos de la Frontera, you can find a whole range of dishes from Cádiz and Andalusia.

Moreover, a large part of National Paradores participate in the gastronomic days organized in all the provinces, preparing menus and special dishes for every occasion.

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