Spain: more expensive hotels, but that does not discourage travelers…

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The price of hotel rooms in Spain for the months of September and October will be 13% higher than for the same period of the previous year, according to data provided by

Rising prices don’t stop travel

According to the manager of this site, while in September and October last year the average price of a hotel night in Spain was 115 euros, this year it will be 130 euros.

Regarding the number of reservations, reports that “this fall there has been an increase of approximately 10% in the number of nights in holiday accommodation nationwide compared to last year.”

Demand remains high

And according to Toni Raurich, director of, “demand in Spain continues to be high. “We see how the sustained rise in prices that we have been detecting for a year and a half has not stopped, for the moment, the number of trips.”

“On the contrary, the number of tourists continues to increase and pushes prices up even more,” adds Toni Raurich.

Comparison with 2021

On the other hand, the comparison with the figures for 2021, when travel demand was still strongly affected by the pandemic, is “even more pronounced”.

Concretely, the average price per night in September and October 2021 was 104 euros. In other words, “this fall, spending three nights in Spain will cost the same as spending four in 2021,” says Raurich.

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