Southern Africa: Luanda becomes an intercontinental hub with the Angolan TAAG

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In 2022, TAAG, the airline of Angola affiliated with Iberia under a codeshare. Now that the Angolan airline is fully certified by European regulators, the alliance with the Spanish company supposes a great impetus on the international level.

This year, TAAG plans to increase its intercontinental frequencies. Currently, to Europe, the carrier provides two daily connections to Lisbon and three to Madrid (soon to be four). To America, there are four weekly frequencies to São Paulo (soon to be five), then a daily flight to Havana, because Angola has a communist government close to the Cuban regime.

In Southern Africa, TAAG serves 14 destinations in Angola, then Cape Town and Johannesburg in South Africa, Windhoek in Namibia, Accra in Ghana and Maputo in Mozambique.

TAAG wants to make Luanda, the capital of Angola, a strategic hub in Africa, thanks to its geographical location, which offers great opportunities for air transport between East and West (Asia-Africa-South America ) and the north-south axis (Europe-Africa). This presupposes commercial, economic, tourist and cultural opportunities in Europe as well as in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

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