Social issue: young people are particularly willing to change jobs

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Dare to start a new career: Almost six in ten employees (59%) can imagine doing this – and are considering changing jobs. This is the result of a census-wide representative survey commissioned by the Careers Platform LinkedIn.

A majority in their thirties

Among Generation Z, that is, those born around the turn of the millennium and those in their early 30s, the drive for change is particularly high. More than two-thirds of them (69% and 72% respectively) can imagine taking another job this year. But changing jobs in 2023 is also an option for older employees. At least a quarter of those over 55 (24%) can still imagine it.

More pay and a better work-life balance

Most of those willing to change say they want to make more money (32%). A better work-life balance (22%) and better development opportunities (21%) also play a role. The majority of respondents are also convinced that they will be able to find a new job (81%). And this even if a total of 42% of those questioned fear at least slightly that their job will be at stake in 2023.

For the representative survey, 2012 employees were interviewed in December 2022.

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