Small towns, great charm… ranking of the most popular in France

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In the shade of the main boulevards and its busiest cobblestones, unsuspected holiday destinations nestle with postcard decor. These towns, where you meet only a few souls a year, suddenly turn out to be the most popular destinations in provincial France.
In order to discover picturesque France par excellence, Holidu, the holiday rental booking portal ( has decided to highlight the most popular small French towns in 2023.

1 – Deauville, Normandy
Deauville is decorated with the gold medal in this ranking, with its 659,000 Instagram hashtags as well as its 112,000 monthly internet searches, the city is never short of success. The notoriety of the small Norman town can be explained by the presence of its American film festival which has brought together film lovers from around the world for years.
entire. The town borders the Channel, we find its typical boards where each pontoon bears the name of an actor in the manner of Hollywood stars.

2 – Honfleur, Normandy
Honfleur is portrayed with a typically Norman charm, its old port and its colorful houses have long inspired the greatest artists who have come to stay there. Its picturesque setting faces the huge port of Le Havre, which can be reached by car via the Normandy bridge that is so easily recognizable. The few beaches of the small town bring a sea breeze that is pleasant to feel during these summer heats that we are impatient to see again each year.

3 – Arcachon, New Aquitaine
Arcachon is never empty at the time of the first rays of sunshine of the summers that we spend with the family. And for good reason, the Gironde commune remains the third most popular small French town, its many beaches as well as the Dune du Pilat located only a few kilometers away contribute to the undeniable notoriety of Arcachon. The city is divided into four districts, one for each season, walking through the town from side to side becomes a colorful way to visit the city for a year.

4 – Royan, New Aquitaine
The entrance to the Gironde estuary is guarded by Royan, a town resembling a seaside resort located at the confluence of a river and an ocean. Royan is popular with French Internet users, there are no fewer than 92,000 searches associated with the city per month as well as more than 335,000 Instagram hashtags. Its abundance of beaches and its singular architecture have conquered the hearts of its visitors, today it is the fourth most popular small town in France.

5 – Fontainebleau, Ile-de-France
Île-de-France is not confined to Paris and its inner suburbs, the region also contains small gems that can easily be visited. Fontainebleau is one of them, the town brings together a little over 15,000 inhabitants in an abundantly forested setting. In the middle of this relaxed nature sits the Château de Fontainebleau, a 12th century architectural marvel which alone has gathered more than 44,000 photos on Instagram.

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