SkyUp authorized to fly in the United States

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Based at kyiv until Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Ukrainian low cost SkyUp Airlines announced on September 25 that it had obtained a certificate to operate in the United States.

SkyUp, which has established itself in Malta to continue its operations in Europe, announces that it will begin operating flights to UNITED STATES following obtaining the precious key: the FAR129 certificate. SkyUp Airlines has received authorization to operate in the territory of the United States of America with FAR129, a foreign air carrier certificate. “An important objective for the international development of the brand has been achieved. I am proud of the team, their professional approach and their perseverance in achieving results. Also, on behalf of the company, I express my sincere gratitude to the United States for their trust and the opportunity to work” there, commented SkyUp Airlines General Director Dmytro Serukhov.

In total, four Boeing 737-800s of its fleet were authorized to fly in American airspace: UR-SQB, UR-SQC, UR-SQF and UR-SQP. “As part of the certification, we have received DOT approval (permit to operate air carrier activities within the territory of the United States), TSA approval (approval of compliance with aviation security requirements for transportation air to or from the territory of the United States) and FAA approval (Part129 Operations Specifications) », adds the Ukrainian company. It plans to develop the “ACMI services and charter flights in the new market”without specifying more information on the services and/or the means of operating potential transatlantic flights in a Boeing 737-800 (sic).

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