Skyteam: Delta has too many Gold and Platinum passengers…

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The US airline, a member of Skyteam, has too many statutory members, leading to overcrowded lounges and queues. That’s why Delta tried to adjust the miles program…but had to backtrack following passenger complaints.

In fact, the number of Gold and Platinum loyalty program members has doubled since the pandemic. At airports, lounges sometimes have long lines or are crowded when you enter. The carrier therefore announced last month that it intended to review the miles program. Among other things, to make it more difficult for American Express credit card holders to access lounges and statuses. Additionally, starting in 2024, Delta will also change how frequent flyers can earn higher status.

Customers didn’t like this at all, and they expressed their anger on social media. As for the competition… it obviously took advantage!

Jetblue, for example, tried to capitalize on the anger by offering to take over Delta frequent flyer status so they wouldn’t have to start from scratch if there was a change. “We’ve made it easier for you to join a new loyalty program” is their slogan.

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