Sex on the beach: Bali doesn’t want to know anything anymore!

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We had already written that the island of Bali no longer wanted foreigners to rent motorbikes because of their dangerousness. The Slate site as well as the DailyStar return to this situation and the antics observed on the beaches

Currently, the behavior of tourists annoys the Balinese

“Sometimes foreigners don’t quite understand that Bali is, right now, still a place where people live. They just see it as a Disneyland that only exists for their amusement and enjoyment.” This is the observation made by Ravinjay Kuckreja, an Indonesian doctoral student in Balinese culture, interviewed by Vice about the behavior of tourists on this island.

It’s not because the local population is friendly that we can afford everything

“Bali has always been seen as the last paradise on Earth,” he explains, also adding how “friendly and hospitable” the local people are. This state of affairs, Western visitors translate it as they please, saying to themselves that the island is therefore the place of all possibilities, and therefore behaving anyhow during their stay.

Tourists complain about rooster crowing

We have already heard this kind of story in certain villages in France. The cohabitation between farmers and neighbors is sometimes tense because of the farms. But when a dozen tourists file a complaint against a Balinese living in the neighboring property of their rental, on the grounds that his rooster was too noisy in the morning. There, we lose the north. Fortunately, the request was quickly rejected by the authorities, who took up the cause of the population of the Indonesian island. It was even meant to these tourists that in the event of a new complaint of the same order, they would be returned manu militari to the border. Wayan Koster, the governor of Bali, then drove home the point by saying he would encourage the people of the island to breed more roosters.

sex on the beach

Two horny tourists have sparked outrage after they were spotted making love on a beach at a popular resort.

The X-rated scene was filmed by a resident of a beach in Bali, Indonesia, who watched in amazement as the couple let off steam on the moonlit sand.

The naked couple continued their act for over three minutes and some locals could be heard saying in the background that “they should report strangers to the police”.

Authorities have received information about the incident, which happened on Wednesday June 15, and are seeking to identify the couple. It is unclear which beach on the island it happened on, but the area is popular with British, Australian and American holidaymakers.

According to the Jakarta post – Russians arrested for drug trafficking

Another problem is piggybacking on Bali

The presence of Russians in Bali is worrying because their stays are long as they try to avoid returning too quickly to their country given the war against Ukraine. Illegal businesses are starting to pop up here and there.

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