Seventieth launch for SpaceX this year

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The clock keeps ticking: on October 5, the launch operator signed its seventieth orbital launch of the year (and as successful), after a record month of September.

Another hot month

After a break of only five days, SpaceX resumed its orbital launches on October 5, after an absolutely crazy month of September, which marked a new record for the Californian operator during a calendar month: 10 missions of the Falcon 9 carried out between September 1 and 30, including 9 for the deployment of the constellation Starlink dedicated to theglobal internet !

Launches which were implemented from the neighboring military base of Cape Canaveral (6 takeoffs), from Kennedy Space Center of the NASAin Florida (1), and the military base of Vandenberg, in California (3), and who used second-hand stages (including two which made their seventeenth flight); which were systematically recovered at the end of their flight…

Implacable, definitely.

The most used family in history

On October 5, the deployment of batch 6-21 of the Starlink constellation (with 22 passengers) marked SpaceX’s seventieth success since January 3, 2023.

With only round numbers for the launch pads used: 40 for the SLC-40 at Cape Canaveral, 20 for the SLC-4E in Vandenberg, and 10 for the LC-39A to Kennedy.

On September 4, SpaceX had surpassed its 2022 record, with more than 61 launches completed; now, the Falcon family holds the annual world record for successful launches by any family of rockets, ahead of Soyuz Russians.

If SpaceX were to maintain the pace shown last month, the objective of 100 launches posted at the start of the year could be achieved…

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