September 9 in the sky: Gordon Bennett Cup: finally the coronation of a Français

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Aviation History – September 9, 1912. The Gordon Bennett Cup which took place in the United States, more precisely in the city of Chicago, on Monday September 9, 1912, will smile on the French aviation: in fact, no less than two of its representatives ranking in the top 3. The French drivers Jules Védrines and Prévost distinguished themselves during this competition, finishing respectively in first and second place on the podium. The French Frey not having had such a fortune.

After an American, an Englishman and a South American, a Frenchman finally managed to win in the person of Jules Védrines, who was named the winner of this airplane race, having demonstrated the greatest speed to cover the course. of the test.

The latter then totaled 200 kilometers and Jules Védrines only needed 1 hour 10 minutes and 56 seconds to complete it. A magnificent performance that he owes to his talent, of course, but also to his Chauvière propeller aircraft, namely a Deperdussin monoplane monohull whose engine was provided by a Gnome block displaying 140 horsepower.

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