September 6, 1921 in the sky: Crash in the city

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History of aviation – September 6, 1921. On this Tuesday, September 6, 1921, there was a plane accident in the Paris region, more precisely in the town of Blanc-Mesnil, a town near the Bourget aerodrome. It was a passenger plane which unfortunately crashed on rue de l’Abbé Niort.

The latter, namely a Potez IX with a 400 horsepower engine, assigned to the Warsaw-Paris line, with a passage to Prague and Strasbourg, crashed on the evening of September 6, 1921, at 6 p.m. 30. The results of this tragedy will show five deaths, including four killed instantly, including a couple who had just gotten married. The fifth victim, who died upon arriving at the hospital, was none other than aviator Jean Brosse, who had then taken controls of the plane for this flight.

A pilot error was at the origin of this deadly air disaster: the pilot began his landing on a runway that was not yet free, so he wanted to turn, but it was a little too tight to carry out the maneuver and he twisted , no longer having control of his device…

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