September 4, 1922 in the sky: James Harold Doolittle attempts to cross the United States

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History of aviation – September 4, 1922. On this Monday, September 4, 1922, the American aviator James Harold Doolittle embarked on an ambitious air raid, the latter having the project of crossing the United States by air, following a trajectory from east to west. James Harold Doolittle aims to go to San Diego in the state of California. Rockwell Field should be the end of his journey.

It is from Florida, more precisely from Pablo Beach, that the aviator will take off, on this occasion piloting a DH4B biplane, namely a bomber from the manufacturer Havilland. The latter has been somewhat transformed, notably accommodating additional fuel tanks and other navigation devices.

Making a stopover in Texas, he did not even take 24 hours to carry out his air raid which earned him the “Distinguished Flying Cross”. A distinction for a historic flight, because it is the first to have completed this air crossing from east to west.

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