September 27, 1910 in the sky: Geo Chavez does not survive his fall

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History of aviation – September 27, 1910. There are sometimes magnificent aerial performances for which we pay a high price: Géo Chavez, a pilot of Franco-Peruvian nationality, is the perfect illustration of this, he who managed to make himself master of the Alps by crossing with success in the mountain range on September 23, 1910, but who died this Tuesday, September 27, 1910.

Indeed, if he signed this crossing while he was taking part in the Brig – Milan race, a 150 kilometer journey with the formidable Simplon pass on the way, his air raid ended on a accident which would prove fatal to him four days later. It was 2 p.m. on September 23, 1910, when he arrived in Domodossola, but at far too fast a pace… As a result, during his gliding flight, the wings of his aircraft gave way and his Blériot XI monoplane with a 50 Gnome engine horsepower dropped.

The aviator, holder of pilot’s license No. 32 since February 15, 1910, fell from a height of 10 meters, not dying instantly thanks to his helmet, but death unfortunately quickly overtook him.

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