September 26, 1910 in the sky: Loridan and Mahieu still unlucky

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History of aviation – September 26, 1910. On this Monday, September 26, 1910, the aviators Loridan and Mahieu are once again at the heart of aeronautical news: in fact, while they suffered a failure, a day earlier, as part of their attempt to win the Automobile Club prize and that of the Paris municipal council, they are ready to try their hand at these events again.

The latter consist, for the first, of evolving in the sky as quickly as possible to reach Brussels from Paris, a round trip flight to be completed in less than 36 hours in the company of a passenger and making a short stopover in the Belgian capital. The second will reward the aviator who first arrives in Brussels during the French city councilors’ trip to this city, from September 25 to 27, 1910.

Taking M. Fay on board his airplane on September 25, 1910, Loridan had already encountered the difficulty of these two prizes, having allowed himself to be surprised by a fuel shortage. As for Mahieu and his passenger Mr. Manthé, they did not reach their destination due to a problem with the engine and propeller of the plane which was to take them to Belgium. Bad luck will also accompany them on September 26, 1910, both will be victims of a crash: Loridan in Saint-Quentin and Mahieu in La Fère.

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