September 25, 1923 in the sky: Victory for Derrouin and Demuyter

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History of aviation – September 25, 1923. The twelfth edition of the Gordon Bennett Cup took place in September 1923. And it is within the framework of their participation in this aeronautical competition that the pilots Derrouin and Demuyter will shine, or rather should. we say aeronauts, because the event sees men piloting airships compete against each other. The winning crew being the one having covered the longest distance.

Derrouin and Demuyter won the event on September 25, 1923, the two men having managed to complete a journey of no less than 1,170 kilometers, installed at the controls of their balloon called “Belgica”. It was from the Solbochs plain, in Belgium, that the start of the competition took place on September 23, 1923.

During this competition, several accidents were to be deplored, notably because of the weather: in fact, the conditions were very unfavorable and lightning set fire to three devices: the American balloon “US Army”, the Spanish “Polar” and the Swiss “Geneva”, the Spanish “Espherio” will hit a high voltage electrical cable. In the end, the Gordon Bennett Cup would record five deaths.

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