September 24, 1913 in the sky: An eventful and deadly morning

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History of aviation – September 24, 1913. It was a black day for aviation on Wednesday, September 24, 1913, the date on which two airplane accidents were to be deplored. And unfortunately, one of them will have a fatal outcome, extending the list of aviation victims, the first of which is Thomas Selfridge. The two unfortunate pilots of the day were Cavelier and Souleillant and it was the latter who lost his life.

Indeed, Lieutenant Souleillant will not recover from his airplane accident which occurred on the morning of September 24, 1913 in Morocco. He was installed at the controls of a monoplane type aircraft that he crashed during his landing phase, falling fifty meters from altitude.

Cavelier, also piloting a monoplane, was spared his life: if Souleillant had a fractured skull, he escaped with injuries to both legs and the head. The aviator was flying to Etampes, participating in the Gordon-Bennett Cup qualifiers. An eddy will cause it to fall twenty meters in the morning.

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