September 23, 1910 in the sky: After Weymann, Chavez attacks the Alps

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History of aviation – September 23, 1910. On this Friday, September 23, 1910, it was the Franco-Peruvian pilot Georges Chavez who made aeronautical news, the latter taking part, as part of the Milan air show, in the airplane race which took place takes place between the cities of Brig and Milan, via Domodossola, where a stopover is planned, a journey of 150 kilometers, with the main difficulty crossing the Alps. A mountain that, the day before, Weymann failed to cross, despite several attempts.

It was 1:29 p.m. on September 23, 1910, when aviator Chavez left Brig, taking off at the controls of a monoplane, namely a Blériot 50 horses.

A major obstacle will arise on his route: the Simplon pass, but Chavez will manage to cross it and the town of Domodossola will be reached at 2:14 p.m. But this end of the first stage will turn into drama: the wings of his The airplane will break and the unfortunate pilot will fall approximately 10 meters. The latter would be fatal to him four days later, having had a reprieve thanks to his helmet.

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