September 22, 1910 in the sky: Prize for crossing the Alps: Weymann persists

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History of aviation – September 22, 1910. On this Thursday, September 22, 1910, the aviator Weymann returns to the sky, the latter still hoping to win the prize for crossing the Alps, thus making an attempt in this direction on this day. The weather conditions having improved, with the wind weakening, he sees this as an opportunity to perhaps finally succeed in taming this mountain.

But the undertaking is far from easy, the pilot has “already broken his teeth”; it was September 19, 1910: on this date, Weymann had carried out a test, unfortunately not conclusive, the price escaping him because of his device. His Farman biplane type aircraft was, in fact, poorly adjusted.

But Weymann persisted and on September 22, 1910, he made several attempts… all of them were a failure. At the first, he was unable to gain altitude due to a malfunction in the tensioner wires of his plane’s ailerons. In these conditions, how to cross the Simplon rising to 2,100 meters? In the second, he will only climb to 1,300 meters, the fault of the air currents giving him a hard time. At the third, the wind having strengthened, he will not have any more success.

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