September 21, 1920 in the sky: Jacques Schneider Cup: a very dull competition

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History of aviation – September 21, 1920. “To conquer without danger, we triumph without glory” is a quote from Corneille which quite well sums up the 1920 edition of the Jacques Schneider Cup which normally pits aviators piloting seaplanes against each other. Because the one who will win will do so without the slightest effort and for good reason, he is the only participant in this aeronautical competition.

The Bologna aviator, who will win the event, saw the number of his opponents reduced to nothing, until none remained: neither the English aviators, nor the French Joseph Sadi- Lecointe, victim of mechanical problems, was unable to participate. Bologna therefore had the way clear to complete the ten laps of the circuit… Only his seaplane could have caused him some problems, but that was not the case.

After two hours, ten minutes and thirty-five seconds, Bologna completed the course totaling 375,560 kilometers, on this occasion driving a Savoia S.12 Bis, with Ansaldo S. Giorgio V-12 engine, boasting 550 horsepower. power.

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