September 20, 1923 in the sky: Inauguration of a new night connection

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History of aviation – September 20, 1923. On this Thursday, September 20, 1923, a new air link is inaugurated: in fact, from now on, we will be able to go from Belgrade to Bucharest by taking the path of the sky and this, at night. The Franco-Romanian air navigation company is at the origin of this new regular night line. From France, Romania can be reached in one day, traveling partly at night.

It was the pilots Louis Guidon and Maurice Noguès who would ensure, on September 20, 1923, this first night flight, the two men being accustomed to operating at night: in fact, on September 2, 1923, they had already made the first night connection between the cities of Strasbourg and Paris.

Louis Guidon and Maurice Noguès will take command of a Caudron C.61, a device with three engines, to carry out this flight with passengers, the boss of the airline being on board the plane on this occasion. . The connection will go smoothly, only a fire at the Bragadir fort will be reported during the flight. Subsequently, it was Louis Guidon and Claude Beauregard who were responsible for making this connection.

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