September 2, 1930 in the sky: Maryse Bastié surpasses Lena Bernstein

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History of aviation – September 2, 1930. It is with a new performance to display in her list of achievements that the aviator of French nationality Maryse Bastié begins this month of September 1930, the latter returning to success by signing the new record for duration in a light aircraft (i.e. weighing less than 300 kilograms), this September 2, 1930, after having been deprived of it four months earlier.

Indeed, not admitting defeat, she returned to the sky to regain the lost trophy, in the hands since May 2, 1930 of Russian aviator Lena Bernstein. The latter, piloting a Farman aircraft, managed to fly for 35 hours and 45 minutes. A time which will not have sheltered her for long from the desires of Maryse Bastié, determined to once again become a record holder in the discipline.

This September 2, 1930, it was done for the Frenchwoman who had been patented since September 29, 1925. Her sixth attempt was the right one: with her “Trottinette”, the baptismal name of her German Klemm monoplane with a 40-horsepower French engine, it will manage to fly in the air for 37 hours and 55 minutes, after leaving the Le Bourget aerodrome. She could have even pushed her feat further, but a lack of fuel decided otherwise.

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