September 14, 1928 in the sky: The seaplane of the boat “Île-de-France” did not perish

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History of aviation – September 14, 1928. On this September 14, 1928, the concern regarding the fate of the postal seaplane of the boat “Île-de-France” was finally dissipated. The latter, who was supposed to reach Cherbourg on the afternoon of September 13, 1928, never arrived. Fortunately, on September 14, 1928, the news about him was rather reassuring.

While the crew was crossing the Atlantic Ocean to deliver mail, ensuring the connection between France and America, we now know that all the people making up the crew are indeed alive. But the crossing could well have turned into a tragedy. The aircraft, in fact, suffered a breakdown, remaining for no less than 10 hours at sea. The crew was finally rescued near the Sorlingues Islands: 28 miles southwest of Bishop Rock, the aircraft was towed, putting an end to hours of anguish.

This somewhat special postal connection has existed since August 1928: special, because the first part of the journey takes place by liner, the “Île-de-France” being assigned to this service, then the seaplane which it transports takes over, taking off from its deck for the end of the journey.

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