September 13, 1911 in the sky: Departure of the Moroccan raid from Brégi

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History of aviation – September 13, 1911. On September 13, 1911, the French aviator Henri Brégi undertook a new raid by air, initiated by the French daily Le Petit Journal. It is through Morocco that he will evolve in the sky accompanied by René Lehaut, who is none other than a journalist from the editorial team. Together, they must go from the city of Casablanca to that of Fez, via Rabat and Meknes.

It was precisely 6:35 a.m. on September 13, 1911, when they took off: René Lehaut taking his place aboard Brégi’s aircraft, namely a biplane from the Bréguet firm, model 11, with a Salmson engine. whose power is established at 80 horsepower, the latter being loaded with mail.

The two men will reach Rabat, after an hour of flight, but there, their raid will be paused for five days: in fact, repairs have to be made on the plane, moreover the weather conditions are unfavorable for be able to continue their journey immediately. And they will not be at the end of disappointments, on the path which will lead them to Meknes, they will be victims of a fuel shortage, forcing them to finish the stage while gliding. The city of Fez will finally be reached on September 20, 1911.

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