September 10, 1919 in the sky: Schneider Cup: a disappointing return

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Aviation History – September 10, 1919. In this year 1919, it is the great return of the Schneider Cup, the last edition of which dates back to the year 1914, the competition having then taken place in the principality of Monaco, where the aviator of CH Pixton distinguished himself by winning the prize. Between 1914 and 1919, due to the First World War, this aeronautical event was put on hold.

In this month of September 1919, the conflict having ended, the Schneider Cup is organized again, after several years of absence, in Bournemouth in Great Britain. The wait was long, but unfortunately, the 1919 edition will be a big disappointment for the various observers and for good reason, there will be no winner.

Between the irregularities, withdrawals or even packages, the competition will not offer a spectacle up to par: in the French camp, Sadi Lecointe, Casale and Malard will not cross the starting line. D. Hobbs, Harry Hawker and Vincent Nichol, British representatives, will withdraw in the first round. At the controls of a Savoia with 250 horsepower, Guido Janello managed to finish the race, but the Italian having committed irregularities, he could not be crowned. A chaotic Schneider Cup, therefore, the thick fog not having favored the exploits…

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