September 1, 1919 in the sky: Inauguration of a Latécoère postal line

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History of aviation – September 1, 1919. On this Monday, September 1, 1919, aeronautical news is marked by the launch of a new regular airline for postal purposes, the latter of which the Latécoère Airlines Company is at the origin will make it possible to carry mail from France to Morocco. The postal plane leaves Toulouse to reach Rabat on the other side of the Mediterranean.

For this inaugural flight, it is the aviator of French nationality Didier Daurat who will ensure the trip and thus settle at the controls of the device. The Dombray, Delrieu and Beauté aviators, among others, will subsequently be among the pilots in charge of this connection. It is towards the African continent that Latécoère wants to develop, initially, its postal service which should then be extended to America.

Latécoère will draw on former army planes, then demilitarized, to build the fleet of its transport company, then operating Breguet 14s, fifteen in number, with Renault engines of no less than 300 horsepower.

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