Seoul announces the construction of the world’s second largest Ferris wheel

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The metropolitan government of Seoul, the capital of South Korea, announced on Wednesday March 8 that it will install the second largest ferris wheel without spokes in the world by 2027.

This type of spokeless Ferris wheel does not actually rotate, as each cabin is attached by a moving gear that moves along the circumference.

SeoulRing expected to start construction in June 2025, it will have a diameter of 180 meters and will be the second largest in the world after that ofAin Dubai. It will also be the second largest spokeless wheel after the Bohai Eye located in Weifang city, eastern Shangdong province, China.

It will have 36 cabins, each capable of carrying a maximum of 25 passengers, and will be able to receive nearly 12,000 visitors per day. The Seoul government expects it to attract some 3.5 million tourists a year.

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