Secrets de Voyages: Nathalie Bueno celebrates Women’s Day in her own way

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For more than 15 years, has been reinventing the art of travel on a daily basis. Driven by this same unalterable passion, the team manages to find places and addresses for 100% tailor-made tourism.

Not forbidding themselves anything and living intensely their desires for escape, this is their secret of travel.

Nathalie Bueno wishes to honor a central figure in the company

“For International Women’s Day… for once, I wanted to honor the only man in our company, François-Xavier de Boüard. But what if he didn’t have all these women around him?

For those who do not know François-Xavier de Boüard

He was the owner of a network of agencies in the west of France. He was president of the Selectour network. He is married and father of 4 children and 2 grandchildren Louise and Arthus. He is also a sailing enthusiast. Out of passion, once again, he bought Secrets de Voyages in 2016 and entrusted the reins of the company to a formidable tourism professional, Nathalie Bueno.

The Secrets de voyages team is almost made up of women

Besides, do you know them all?

They have talent and are known for their efficiency and commitment.

Long live Secrets de Voyage and all its wonderful team
François-Xavier de Brouard is wonderfully surrounded

Long live Secrets de voyage to its Director and her wonderful team.
François-Xavier de Bouard is well surrounded.

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