Seasonal rental: the agency “J’annonce Complet” reveals its tips for boosting summer bookings

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I display Full is a revenue management agency specializing in seasonal rentals.

With the imminent arrival of summer, vacation rental owners are preparing for a very busy period. For many, the summer represents a significant part of their turnover. But since the pandemic the behavior of travelers has changed and this also represents a major source of stress: I am not yet full is serious? Will I be able to have a great summer?

I display complete shares his advice to best prepare for the coming summer. Indeed, owners can be confronted with challenges such as setting prices, optimizing the occupancy rate or even managing reservations, etc. To help owners deal with these issues, I display Full has compiled a list of tips and tricks they reveal exclusively.

  • Don’t panic if the summer reservation calendar is not (yet) full. It can be completely normal not to have a full schedule for the summer at this time of year. If a rental is quickly booked, it can be a sign of sold-off prices. On the contrary, filling up little by little during a period of high demand can allow you to sell at a higher price by slightly increasing prices as reservations are made.
  • Watch the trends of the city. Apart from the performance of the owner’s own goods, it is important to watch the various events in the city to better understand customer demand and adjust its prices. Taking an interest in market data and sector trends will make it possible to better anticipate periods of high demand in order to optimize prices.
  • Optimize occupancy time by imposing minimum lengths of stay. Imposing minimum lengths of stay can be a very powerful tool to fill availability and reduce the risk of having a gap in the calendar. However, it must be done only during times of high demand and not during off-peak periods in order to give yourself every chance of filling as much as possible.
  • Check that there are no promotions on the sales platforms that apply to the summer. It should be noted that some promotions cannot be scheduled for a specific period. Thus, it is recommended to check the promotions already in place and withdraw them before the summer, as they would not be necessary for sales.
  • Do not set prices without taking into account the different weeks. Do not set the same price throughout the summer because some weeks have higher demand than others. For example, the first two to three weeks of August are often the busiest and therefore the most expensive to sell. Slightly adjust the price downwards to stimulate bookings during the beginning and end of summer which can sometimes be lower in terms of demand.

To discover the latest trends and tips in vacation rentals, I display Completet will be present at the National Seasonal Rental to be held on June 3, 2023 at the Docks de Paris. The opportunity to discover new tips and meet other seasonal rental players to discuss trends in the sector.

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