SCARA: “The choice between the train and the plane is biased”… in favor of the train

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The choice between the train and the plane is biased. The aircraft has historical advantages “, said recently the Minister of Transport Clément Beaume to justify the plan to tax air travel more to finance rail. ” What is it really? » asks the Syndicate of Autonomous Airline Companies (SCARA).

Bringing together half of the French airlines, based in mainland France and in the overseas territories as well as airport assistance and training companies, the SCARA recalls that French air transport:
– Finances, without any aid, 100% of its airport and air traffic control infrastructures for an amount of more than 3 billion euros.
– Finances all security and safety at the airport, sovereign missions which should be financed by the State, via the Safety and Security Tax (T2S) for an annual amount of 1 billion euros.
– Has been able to make its technological revolution towards ever less noisy and less polluting planes by financing itself, and by financing the soundproofing of local residents.
-As able to democratize its access by offering customers ever cheaper rates.
– Offset, from 2024, 100% of its CO2 emissions on its domestic flights in France.
– Transports passengers and freight to the end of the world with only four kilometers of track.

The professional union, whose mission is to promote and defend air transport, also recalls that air transport is taxed to finance missions that do not directly concern it:
-The global health agency UNITAID, via the so-called Chirac » for an annual amount of 200 million euros.
-The French Transport Infrastructure Financing Agency, whose scope covers all projects of national interest in the field of transport (rail, sea, river and road), excluding air transport, without any explanation of the part of the public authorities when it is also a strategic link in French industry, for an annual amount of 230 million euros.

Should we then consider all these taxes as historical advantages? If the choice “ between the train and the plane is biased », so in what sense is it? ” Despite the taxes to which it is subject, air transport is a much cheaper means of transport than rail transport which, despite abysmal state subsidies, is an expensive means of transport for passengers. “Said the SCARA.

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