SCAF: Will Germany endanger exports of the NGF fighter?

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The opposition of German Green MPs to the sale of 48 Typhoon fighters to Saudi Arabia is reawakening fears under the SCAF program over exports of the future sixth-generation NGF fighter. However, they will be necessary for the profitability of the program.

German law on the sale of arms abroad

German legislation on the export of military equipment is extremely strict and every sale is subject to thorough scrutiny. According to the German Federal Ministry of Economics “the federal government pays particular attention to ensuring that such equipment is not used to violate human rights and that it does not contribute to the aggravation of crises”. This right of inspection of the German political power applies to all the elements and components produced by German industrialists, whether they intervene within the framework of a national or international armament program. Any military equipment project involving German technology and manufacture is therefore subject to the Bundestag’s export verdict.

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