Sabena Engineering expands further with the acquisition of Aircamo

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After the takeovers of two Lufthansa Technik subsidiaries last year, Sabena Engineering, a subsidiary of the Orizio group, now owns 70% of Aircamo. This English company specializes in maintenance, storage and minor repairs on many civil and private aircraft. This purchase also confirms that the Orizio group remains in a phase of general growth, for its two subsidiaries.

Majority takeover of Aircamo

On July 4, Sabena Engineering, a subsidiary of the Orizio group, has just announced the acquisition of 70% shares in the Aircamo group. Aircamo Aviation is an English company, based at Hawarden airport (Wales, United Kingdom). It specializes in the private and commercial aviation sectors:

  • Storage of engines, APUs, aircraft,… (and derived services)
  • Maintenance,
  • Qualified for inspections with borescope*,
  • Qualified for quick engine changes (QEC),
  • Has maintenance planning documents (MPD),
  • Skilled in maintenance, minor repairs and modifications.

In more technical terms, it is capable of handling many different engines and APUs:

  • CFM56-3/5/7
  • CFM International Leap
  • RB211-535
  • Trent 700/1000
  • V2500-A5
  • GTCP 36-300
  • GTCP131-9A/B
  • GTCP331-350
  • GTCP331-200A/ER
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