Saab has developed a super compact version of the Giraffe 1X radar

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Saab has announced that it will unveil, at the DSEI 23 show, a super compact version of its Giraffe 1X radar. It should allow even lighter use while maintaining the detection capacity of the basic Giraffe 1X.

On the occasion of the DSEI 2023 exhibition (from September 12 to 15), Saab announced this September 4 that it will unveil a new variant of its Giraffe 1X radar. The Giraffe 1X Deployment SET should allow the Giraffe 1X radar to be easily transportable, relocatable and operational in a very short time. This configuration offers deployed units a lightweight, active antenna radar (AESA), compact, robust,… but also and above all, while keeping the range of the basic Giraffe 1X, i.e. 75 kilometers!

As a reminder, the Giraffe 1X radar is a radar developed by Saab to offer a lightweight detection solution for anti-aircraft systems while providing optimal detection capacity for the monitored airspace. With a mass between 100 and 150 kg, the radar in question can be deployed from an armored vehicle, a simple all-terrain vehicle, a tripod (or fixed installation) and soon, directly on the ground thanks to the Giraffe 1X Deployment SET.

Regarding the technical characteristics of the Giraffe 1X:

  • 3D stacked beam radar
  • equipped with an active antenna (AESA)
  • 360° rotating antenna (sector search possible), 60 rpm
  • elevation from 0 to 70°
  • detection of planes, helicopters, RAM (rockets, artillery shells, mortar shells) and drones

Saab specifies that the Giraffe 1X is capable of detecting a drone lighter than a milk carton located four kilometers from the radar.

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