Ryanair takes off: Belgian airline expansion

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Ryanair is expanding its presence in Belgium with the announcement of new routes from Charleroi. While CEO Michael O’Leary pleads for fluidity of air traffic in Europe, he confronts unions and faces activists

New destinations for Ryanair

Michael O’Leary draws a new sky map from Brussels
Winter promises to be mild for Belgian travelers. From the heart of Brussels, Michael O’Leary, the CEO of Ryanair, unveiled on Thursday a mosaic of seven new destinations for his low-cost airline. From Amman to Warsaw, Ryanair aims to expand its footprint in European skies.

Charleroi: a new home for Ryanair

Charleroi Airport is gearing up to welcome two new aviation gems, expanding Ryanair’s footprint in Belgium. With an investment of 200 million dollars, the company is asserting itself as an essential pillar of Belgian air traffic. In total synergy with the growing demand, the frequency of thirty connections will be boosted, bringing the total to 93 routes operated from Belgian territory.

A plea for freedom of movement

O’Leary didn’t just talk about expansion. Displaying himself as the defender of travellers, he submitted to the European Commission a strong petition of 1.5 million signatures. The objective? Ensure the continuity of air traffic despite strikes. The message was clear: European travelers demand fluidity, even in the face of social turbulence.

A CEO in the spotlight…

But the day was not without obstacles. The announcement was overshadowed by a confrontation in front of the Berlaymont. Two activists, holding up pies, greeted O’Leary unexpectedly. However, with humor and finesse, the CEO bounced back, even recommending Irish cream for next time.

The duel with the unions continues

However, O’Leary commented on the pilots’ strike planned for mid-September, ensuring that the salary increase proposal was already on the table and openly criticizing the union strategy.

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