Ryanair pilots in Belgium: more strikes to come this summer?

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After the cancellations of some 120 flights in Charleroi last weekend, the airline Ryanair low cost should face a new two day strike from his pilots based in Belgium in August – or even every month if nothing changes.

The strike of 15 and 16 July 2023 at the airport of Charleroi-Brussels Southwhich eventually led to nearly 120 flight cancellations and affected nearly 20,000 passengers, was launched by the pilot unions based in Belgium, who criticize the Irish specialist in low-cost flights for not wanting to respect the collective agreement providing for a certain number of days off “in exchange for the wage cuts of around 20% granted in 2020 at the time of the Covid-19 crisis”.

But after their relative success (Ryanair claims to have provided 60% of its flight schedule, despite the immobilization on the ground of around ten of the 16 Boeing 737s based at BSCA), the unions are returning to the charge: Didier Lebbe, permanent secretary of the CNE, declared in Le Soir that there will be another two-day strike this summer, and if nothing changes despite everything, there will still be twice two day strikes every month from September “. No precision on the date of the next movement, the pilots and their representatives displaying for strategyto announce new actions, without specifying too much when, in an attempt toinfluence bookings on the flights for the next few weeks, the key commercial element that makes Dublin management react “.

The demands of Ryanair’s PNTs are always the same: the low cost would like to go from the 5 days on/4 days off rhythm to 5/3, and more generally refuses to restore the wages cut during the health crisis. ” Belgian pilot unions should negotiate rather than strike “commented the management of Ryanair, welcoming the agreements concluded with their Italian, Spanish and French counterparts on working conditions…

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