Ryanair: noises of strike among Belgian pilots

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Three unions representing airline pilots Ryanair low cost threaten to put themselves in strike on July 15 and 16if no “serious” proposal for new collective agreement is not offered by Friday.

Didier Lebbe of the CNE warned on July 4 in Sudinfo: “ Passengers should beware of the scale of the movement », which could start on Saturday July 15 and Sunday July 16, 2023. 86% of the pilots questioned (81% of the approximately 180 Ryanair flight crew members responded) voted in favor of the strike, which will be extended until a satisfactory response is provided by management. The call, triggered in particular by the announced loss of a rest day from October, was relayed by the Belgian Cockpit Association (Beca), the professional association of airline pilots in Belgium, and by the French-speaking Christian unions CNE and flemish LCA

The main demand of the pilots is the “return” of the 20% salary amputated during the Covid-19 pandemic, compliance with the minimum wage in Belgium and Belgian legislation being also mentioned. ” If there is a strike, we will ask Social Affairs and the airport authorities to check who is piloting the planes leaving the Charleroi base », Threatens the trade unionist in Le Soir.

Asked about RTBF, another union delegate from the CNE was indignant: ” this is the trigger, the company wants to modify working hours unilaterally, while a collective company agreement is valid until October 2024 “. According to Didier Lebbe, Ryanair is also asking to ” force the 50 pilots to withdraw their complaints sent to the Hainaut Labor Court. It’s illegal, you can’t ask someone to give up an individual right which is to be able to file a complaint against their employer. “.

The pilots of the Irish budget flight specialist based at the airport of Charleroi (the Brussels base was closed last winter) had already gone on strike in July 2022, leading to many flight cancellations. They were already waiting for a salary increase after agreeing to give up 20% of their salary during the health crisis. And last December, it was the turn air hostesses and stewards of Belgium to stop work for five days.

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