Ryanair: new traffic record with 18.9 million passengers in August

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For the second time in its history, the Irish low cost Ryanair transported more than 18 million passengers in one month.

In August 2023, it welcomed 18.9 million passengers, after having carried 18.7 million passengers in July 2023. Over the last two months, it has continuously recorded traffic up 11% over a rolling year (16.8 million passengers in July 2022, 16.9 million in August 2022). Its average load factor on its Boeing 737s reached 94%

Over the past month, its average load factor on its Boeing 737s reached 96%. Ryanair (including its subsidiaries Buzz, Lauda and Malta Air) operated more than 103,000 flights, despite thecancellation of more than 350 flights in the United Kingdomimpacting more than 63,000 passengers due to a giant outage of the British National Air Traffic Service (NATS).

Even before this breakdown which disrupted air traffic departing and arriving from the United Kingdom for several days, Ryanair had reduced its passenger forecasts for the whole of 2023 to 183.5 million passengers compared to initially 185 million, due to the impact of air traffic controller strikes in several European countries, particularly in France during the mobilizations against pension reform.

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