Ryanair far exceeds easyJet and other low-cost

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Ryanair between 2019 and 2023 sees an average growth of between more than 600 and 700 additional flights each day.

easyJet will continue to fly in 2023 below 2019 levels. The percentage value is around 10% depending on the day.

Ryanair is also on the financial level with more than 1.425 billion euros in net profits. easyJet displays pre-tax figures in its press releases. A modest profit in the third quarter compared to a first half marked by significant losses.

An exceptional month of August for Ryanair and Wizz Air

  • Ryanair: 23,050 flights in August 2023 (up 28% compared to August 2019)
  • easyJet: 12,771 (down 4%)
  • Wizz Air: 6,678 (up 40%)
  • Vueling: 4,956 (down 4%)
  • Eurowings: 4,080 (down 20%)

The ultra-low-cost carriers, Ryanair and Wizz Air, have been much more aggressive in rebuilding capacity faster than the other three carriers. Ryanair flights are up 28% from four years ago and Wizz Air are up 40%. Despite this, Wizz Air is still just over half the size of easyJet (in terms of flights). It should also be noted that Ryanair is still almost as big as its three closest low-cost rivals (easyJet, Wizz Air and Vueling) combined!

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