Ryanair calls on EU to “protect” overflights in case of strike by French air traffic controllers

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Ryanair again called the president of the European CommissionUrsula von der Leyen, to take urgent measures to “ protect overflights and freedom of movement of European Union (EU) citizens ” in case of French air traffic controllers strikelike that of this Friday, October 13.

So far in 2023, there have been 64 days of French air traffic control strikes (twelve times more than in 2022) forcing airlines to cancel thousands of EU overflights from Germany, the Spain, Italy, Ireland and the United Kingdom, according to Ryanair. “ This situation is unfair. France (and all other EU member states) should protect overflights during strikes » air traffic controllers, reiterated the Irish low cost.

Last month, Ryanair submitted its petition to the European Commission: Protect overflights: Keep EU skies open » at the European Commission, which today has more than 1.8 million signatures from frustrated passengers. “ Despite this, Ursula von der Leyen has still not taken measures to protect EU passengers who are not even traveling to/from France from last minute cancellations due to French air traffic control strikes », We can read in its press release.

In summary, Ryanair is calling on the European Commission to act on its petition and protect 100% of flights flying over countries affected by the strike, requiring 21 days’ notice for strikes and 72 hours’ individual notice for strikers. so that airlines can readjust their flight schedules in time.

We see no problem with French air traffic controllers’ unions exercising their right to strike, but the European Commission should insist that cancellations due to French national strikes be allocated to French flights, not those flying over France to travel to another EU destination unrelated to the first “, said a Ryanair spokesperson.

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