Ryanair calls for resignation of UK air traffic control boss

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Ryanair demanded the resignation of the boss of the largest supplier of air traffic control of the UK after flight caps were imposed at Gatwick Airport.

The National Air Traffic Services (the Nats) imposed caps on the number of flights leaving Gatwick Airport due to the absence of air traffic control (ATC) personnel. The Dublin-based airline called Martin Rolfe, general manager of the Nats, to ” resign “ as 82 flights were canceled at West Sussex Airport this week.

Ryanair, which has relatively small operations at the airport, said it would not cut flights due to the measure imposed on Monday. “It is the most basic requirement to hire and train adequate staff”, chants Ryanair. Ryanair said in a statement: “Gatwick Airport is imposing a daily cap of 800 flights until Monday October 2 and asking airlines to cancel flights, which Ryanair will not do. »

However, the Nats argued that the steal caps were “the responsible thing to do” to reduce disruption. Ryanair ruffled his feathers by declaring that he was “unacceptable” that airlines were asked to cancel flights due to “Nats’ inability to adequately staff” for air traffic control.

According to low cost, the Nats are ” a desaster “ and mentioned a flaw in the system which “brought British aviation to its knees” on August 28 with at least 500 flights to and from the United Kingdom canceled.

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