Russians protect strategic bombers with tires: good or bad idea?

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Russian Tu-95 and Tu-160 strategic bombers were covered with tires at the Engels-2 air base. Several hypotheses are put forward to explain this decision but it seems that they were placed with a view to protection against Ukrainian drones. Note that the Engels-2 air base is now empty of its operational aircraft.


In recent days, images of Russian Tu-95 strategic bombers equipped with special paint have been making the rounds on the web. However, satellite images and in particular a series of images published by CNN on September 5 allow us to confirm that it is indeed… tires! A total of eight strategic bombers (five T-95 Bear and three Tu-160 Blackjack), parked at Engels-2 air base (Saratov oblast, Russia), are visible with tires placed on their wings and/or on their fuselage.

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