Russia: Rostec has started certification of SJ-100 avionics

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The Kret subsidiary of the Rostec company has carried out certification of the avionics of the Yakovlev SJ-100 regional transport aircraft, the domestic successor to the SSJ-100. Kret avionics will replace previous equipment that had been developed by Thales.

Kret takes over from Thales for SJ100 avionics

Russia continues its work to certify the Yakovlev SJ-100 regional jet. While TsAGI is responsible for fatigue and motor integration tests, Rostec’s avionics subsidiary, Kret, has developed equipment to replace the original one, which on the SSJ-100 had been designed by Thales. More precisely, it is the Ramenskoye instrument design office which was charged with this mission, that of overseeing all the companies participating in the implementation of the new avionics of the aircraft.

In the home stretch of certification

“Considerable efforts are currently being made to replace all assemblies, units and systems of the SJ-100. Russian avionics are designed as part of a cooperation between electronics manufacturers led by Kret. We are now in the last straight line of this work. At this stage, designers are working on improving the equipment in accordance with the feedback received after the tests of the SJ-100 in August this year (the first flight of the first SJ-100 of fully domestic construction ). Avionics certification documents are being prepared,” comments Rostec.

SJ100 and MC-21-310

The digital flight and navigation system was developed based on the design and successful operation of equivalent systems for the Il-96-300, Tu-204/214, Il-114, Be-200 and their versions . Rostec is also working on the production of avionics for the Yakovlev MC-21, former Irkut MC-21, or rather the all-Russian domestic version of the MC-21, of which the MC-21-300 version was replaced by the -310 version. , i.e. the aircraft powered by Aviadvigatel PD-14s replacing the Pratt & Whitney 1400G.

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