Runaway boy, 12, sneaks onto Kuwait-bound plane

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A serious security breach was registered at the airport Dhakain Bangladesh, where a 12-year-old boy, arriving alone after running away from school, managed to board a plane who left the country before finally being arrested when thecabin crew realized there was one less seat available for all passengers on board.

In some unexplained way, he managed to pass all the screening inspection points, including immigration, and one of the boarding gates, to board a flight of Kuwait Airways to Kuwait City. The incident occurred in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, in the early hours of September 12, as Kuwait Airways flight KU284 was preparing to take off, reports Aero Telegraph and the Daily Star. According to local media, the boy had run away from a boarding school and made his way to the country’s main airport where he managed to pass through at least five levels of security without being detected.

After sneaking aboard the Boeing 777, the boy allegedly found an empty seat and occupied it without any of the other passengers or cabin crew knowing that he should not have been there. It was only at the end of boarding, the plane being already full and because the passenger who was supposed to have the boy’s seat finally arrived, that he was identified as an intruder. As he had no boarding card, the flight attendant was called and she also found that the boy did not have a passport. The on-board count confirmed that it was a stowaway and that there was one additional person on board the flight.

The incident embarrassed Bangladeshi authorities and a number of security and immigration officers stationed at the time were suspended pending an investigation which found the boy managed to slip between a couple elderly people as if they were family in order to pass the point of immigration control without being questioned.

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