Royal Air Maroc and Air Senegal now partners

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Royal Air Morocco And Air Senegal have signed yesterday At seat of the national airline in Casablanca a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) initiating a strategic partnership, including code sharingbetween the two air carriers.

This partnership should “ consolidate cooperation between the two parties in the long term and will help to stimulate economic exchanges, social and cultural between the two brother countries », indicates the press release from Royal Air Maroc. This collaboration will benefit both companies but above all their passengers through the increase in connection possibilities and the diversification of choices in terms of timetables and days of service. The MoU also provides for a strengthening of the commercial cooperation between the two partners through a “codeshare” agreement or code sharingwhich will allow passengers to purchase their transport tickets from the sales network of one or the other of the two companies and to travel indifferently on the fleet of Royal Air Maroc and Air Sénégal.

Other areas of cooperation will also be made possible in terms of maintenance and charter of planes And of handling. THE two companies will be able to also increase their synergies in matter of capital human, of training technical And managerial, and organization. Finally, the two parties will be able to pool their actions in the areas of communication and some digitalization of services. “This partnership is perfectly in line with the excellent relations between our two countries and we have expressed, during numerous preparatory meetings, our firm desire to build a strategic and lasting partnership with Air Sénégal”indicated Mr. Hamid Addou, CEO of Royal Air Maroc. For his part, Mr. Alioune Badara FALL, General Director of Air Sénégal believes that “Royal Air Maroc and Air Senegal are today realizing the desire of the highest authorities of our respective countries to develop this air bridge, both in terms of passenger and cargo transport. This South-South agreement commits us to respecting international standards for the common good of our future Royal Air Maroc /Air Sénégal passengers.

THE two companies will mobilize of the teams multidisciplinary For pursue the commercial and technical deployment of this partnership and guarantee its completion within the agreed deadlines. Royal Air Morocco indicates continue “thus its efforts to strengthen its reference position on the African continent, as part of the Kingdom’s South-South cooperation strategy. Thus it consolidates African leadership which constitutes the basis of its deployment as transcontinental company global”.

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